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Executive Physical Specialist

Shawn  Veiseh, M.D. -  - Internal Medicine

University Executive Physical Program

Shawn Veiseh, M.D.

Internal Medicine & Primary Care located in Beverly Hills, CA

As a busy executive, you face endless demands on your time. This can make it challenging to look after your health and well-being as conscientiously as you should. At his private practice, University Executive Physical Program, in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, Shawn Veiseh, MD, a board-certified internist with decades of experience, provides comprehensive executive physicals to help you manage your health. If you’re looking for convenient and comprehensive treatment where all of your diagnostic needs are provided for in one location, call Dr. Veiseh or schedule an appointment online today.

Executive Physical Q & A

What is an executive physical?

As a business leader, you deal with stress and never-ending demands on your time. This can make it difficult to find time to take care of yourself and have annual physicals, especially when you have to visit several different diagnostic labs for tests. Dr. Veiseh provides a comprehensive half-day executive physical that includes every service you need in a single location.

Dr. Veiseh created this executive physical to provide the critical exams and health screenings necessary for effective preventive health care in a single coordinated visit. He and his team offer excellent, patient-focused service to help you lead a healthy life, reduce your risk of disease, and have better overall wellness.

What should I expect during an executive physical?

Your executive physical will take up to four hours. Dr. Veiseh recommends that you wear loose, comfortable clothing for your appointment. He provides a private room for you to store your belongings during your appointment. You can even order a meal in advance.

Your executive physical begins with a conversation with the doctor about your personal and family medical history. You should mention any health concerns or noticeable changes in your well-being. This consultation is critical for Dr. Veiseh to develop an understanding of your health needs.

After your consultation, you undergo an extensive series of tests. These include a cardiac stress test, cardiopulmonary assessments, bone density scans, and advanced laboratory analysis. Dr. Veiseh has an extensive array of diagnostic equipment in his office for your convenience.  

What are the benefits of an executive physical?

You benefit from executive physicals in many ways. First, Dr. Veiseh’s executive physical is designed for your convenience. In a single visit, you get all the diagnostic testing you need, so you don’t have to drive all over Los Angeles for different tests.

Additionally, you have personalized one-on-one attention from Dr. Veiseh for much longer than you might receive during a typical annual physical with another provider. Not only does this allow Dr. Veiseh to develop a detailed understanding of your wellness, but you also have time to ask questions and get the customized advice you need to improve your health.

If you want to take care of your health and prefer convenient, personalized medical care, call Dr. Veiseh or schedule an executive physical online today.