Mental and Emotional Health Benefits of Losing Weight

Mental and Emotional Health Benefits of Losing Weight

With obesity on the rise in the United States, (40% are categorized as obese and 32% are overweight), it’s no wonder Americans have been struggling more to lose weight. It’s estimated that 45 million people in America go on a diet annually, spending about 33 billion dollars each year. And to make matters worse, a study from the National Weight Control Registry shows that only around 20% of people trying to lose weight manage to keep it off over the long term. 

This upward battle can make it harder for people trying to shed pounds for their health and self-image issues. But it is important to understand that long-term weight loss is possible, and there are definite mental and emotional benefits to reaching that goal. Let’s get you motivated with a look at the positive emotional impact a slimmer you can have.

Residents of Beverly Hills, California struggling with weight loss can get help from Dr. Shawn Veiseh, whose practice offers comprehensive care for this and a variety of problems with onsite exams, diagnostic tests, and numerous treatments.

Here are the positive mental and emotional impacts of weight loss you can expect to experience:


So much of our self-esteem is wrapped up in our appearance, which is often reinforced by positive and negative responses to our weight. And if you perceive yourself as unattractive, you may assume that’s how everyone sees you, which creates a situation where you may be less motivated to change because you might see it as futile. 

Working through the self-esteem issues to reach your weight goals will result in giving yourself even more self-confidence, a more positive body image, a better outlook on your life, and the way others will see you will only reinforce what you’ve managed to accomplish. Personal happiness with your body image is vital to our overall well-being, and this is a big step to help with that.

Quality of life

One of the consequences of the increase in overweight and obese children and adults is a greater risk of many different conditions, such as hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and sleep apnea.

The benefits of losing weight (even as little as five to 10 %) not only reduce your chances of many conditions, it also helps you sleep better, decreases stress, improves energy, mood, vitality, and can help restore libido. It can also help to motivate you to be more active and be better able to do things that will keep you healthy.

Sense of achievement

This may not seem like much, but as we’ve mentioned previously, millions of people struggle with weight loss and less than a quarter of them succeed in losing weight and keep it off for extended periods of time. Losing weight will not only help you live healthier and improve your self-image, but it can also provide a powerful sense of accomplishment, which can push you to lose more and keep it off.

And to help you achieve that accomplishment, we offer a weight loss program that is designed specifically to help you lose weight and keep it off. A combination of fitness evaluation, training, medications, and managing a diet plan are all available to help you reach your weight goals.

So, if you're ready to shed the weight and get healthier and happier, make an appointment with Dr. Veiseh today.

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