How an Executive Physical Works

How an Executive Physical Works

The annual physical is a staple of modern medicine, where once a year you get a check on your overall health and get screenings for possible diseases and other conditions. And if you’re working a high-stress job with seemingly never-ending demands on your time, you probably need the time for an annual physical more than many. The anxiety and stress from work can lead to conditions that may be harder to treat the longer they go undiagnosed. If you fit this description and need to get your health under control, an executive physical may be the perfect fit for you. Let’s examine how it differs from a regular annual exam, and how those benefits can get you the peace of mind you need to manage the demands on your life.

Residents of the Beverly Hills, California area looking for an executive physical are in luck. Dr. Shawn Veiseh and his private practice offer a plethora of comprehensive exams as well as treatments for urgent care and chronic conditions.

The basics of a physical exam

The normal annual physical generally follows a basic process

For women, this will also include pap smears, mammograms, pelvic exams, and osteoporosis checks. Men will additionally receive screenings for prostate problems, testicular issues, and abdominal aortic conditions once they reach age 65. Both will also get screenings for colon cancer, diabetes, depression, Hepatitis C, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) depending on your medical history.

How the executive physical improves on it

The primary problem for people with tight schedules comes with the screenings that aren’t done during the main physical exam. Typically you’ll get the basic vital sign, visual, and physical exam in the office and get sent to various locations for many of the other screenings. 

With our executive physical, you can get the entire exam and screening process done in one office in a single visit. Our facility is equipped with all the screening equipment and staff necessary to get you a full exam without going anywhere else for screenings. This will allow you to get a comprehensive check on your overall health and potential risks for future illnesses assessed in a way convenient to your busy schedule.

The executive physical process

As a result of the complete exam process an executive physical offers, your overall time getting this exam will take up to four hours. Once we’ve got a personal and family medical history, the extensive tests will begin, including cardiac stress tests, bone density scans, and a battery of lab tests. 

Since it’s all being done in a single office and under the care of Dr. Veiseh, you can receive more one-on-one attention from someone who will see all of your results firsthand and can help you better understand your results without the wait.

So if you’re always pressed for time, but need to get your physical done at your convenience, make an appointment with Dr. Veiseh today to get started.

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